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Yoga tours – a new trend in modern tourism! Great idea to combine leisure, travel and surely yoga. Yoga in the routine life-stream is usually not in the main place. And all the talks about the unity of all things, about the sense of harmony within ourselves and the world, non-duality, the materiality of thought, about the ability to interact with all life, of awareness and responsibility (the list goes on) may well remain just a talk, if not take serious steps towards the practical development of these vital laws.

For now there is a huge number of yoga tours developed to the most different corners of the earth. This includes India, Europe, Altai, Tien Shan, Pamir, and other areas. Let’s have a look at the main locations which will be available for the tourists and enthusiasts for the great trip of the rest and enjoyment of yoga.

Yoga in India

The journey should start with the city of Aurangabad, a city that Kamal Nath and the Urban Ministry have deemed one of India’s finest places. Yoga tour is a fantastic opportunity to plunge into the world of yoga, as well as travel across the mysterious land of India. Combining travel with yoga, you can get a better holiday. In only two or three weeks, you can visit several places and enjoy at  least two yoga training.

The journey should start with the city of Aurangabad. Not far from which are the oldest in India cave temple complexes of Ajanta and Ellora, famous for its unusual architecture and the wonderful murals, which have survived to this day. In the evening, after the tour you can start the program of basic training of the yoga tour, where you will study the basics of yoga breathing.

After Aurangabad you should visit the Arabian Sea coast, and get settled in a small southern state of Goa, where you can gradually complete the basic training program. The winter months in Goa differ particularly with mild climate. The weather at this time is perfect, cloudless blue skies, warm but without hot days and calm seas. The most suitable environment for practicing yoga in this round. Yoga sessions are being held in the morning and in the afternoon and evening you can enjoy the warm ocean and visit local markets and shops, there are countless. And it’s believed that India is the best place to take ideal spiritual souvenirs home.

Continued training is conducted by Indian teachers. The venue of major international yoga center in Bangalore is just idea for the stop. Here you can learn more about your body and meditation, a deep rest. The professionals will be available to answer all of the desired questions.

The Indians called this city – a city park, and indeed Bangalore – the “green city” painted different shades of tropical plants. Located within the continent it is located at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level, making it wonderfully mild climate, while in other southern Indian cities it is hot.

Yoga in Turkey

Here you can escape from your everyday routine, enjoy yoga workout, and of course, bask in the sun and plunge into the still warm gentle sea in one of the most protected parts of Turkey – Cirali, which is located far away from large resorts, the hustle and bustle of big cities.

You will enrich your knowledge about yoga as a path to spiritual and physical development, immerse yourself in practice, rest and recharge your pure energy here and discover Turkey again. This land has centuries of history, not only connected with the current inhabitants of the land, but also their ancestors and other national groups.

The instructor will give each student necessary attention, give all the features of your body, teach how to build asanas, help to master the technique of proper breathing, rapid relaxation and stress relief. During the seminar you will receive advice on nutrition, sleep, body care products.

Yoga in Montenegro

Astra Montenegro – is not just a place or resort. It’s a new vision for health and happy life! It is a paradise created for the people. That’s why it’s worth of going to this beautiful paradise with a yoga tour.

In Montenegro, travelers do not stop to admire the wonderful shades of the surrounding scenery, a unique confluence of cultural identity and European service, elegance and wealth of architecture. Where else but in Montenegro, doing yoga on the Adriatic coast, or among luxury Astra Montenegro, where you are fully able to feel the connection with the highest energy?

In this atmosphere, the improvement of yoga knowledge and techniques is much more efficient. You will not be disturbed by the domestic problems, it will be easier to focus on the magic of asanas. Teacher during these lessons gives everyone a lot more attention than during teaching hours in most fitness clubs.You will return home with beautiful a trained body, peaceful mind and a considerable amount of knowledge about the mysterious yoga. Not counting the fact that there will be lots of interesting photos, which will remind of you of this awesome land.

Yoga in Egypt

Several hours in an airplane, and you will appear among the mountains, in silence, between the gentle, warm Red Sea and the deep sky. Amazing Sinai desert. On-site you’ll see Bedouin settlements. Here, in an atmosphere of friendliness, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, in an atmosphere of peace and quiet you can train yoga.

This is where the mind stops, and the heart is getting filled with joy, and the body becomes flexible. Soul sings with happiness, and the mind rubbing his hands with satisfaction. And most of this effects are attached to the spiritual enhancement of this land.

This is just an hour’s drive from the hustle Sharm El-Sheikh, while having a great difference both in terms of the location and the natural and spiritual atmosphere.A place which has not yet been spoiled by mass tourism and its consequences. Exclusively for those who are tired of animators, alcohol and discos. For those who simply want to get an inner harmony.

For those who are creatively planning yoga vacation.


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