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Travelling To Dominican Republic

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Trying the Dominican cuisine for a resident of a foreign country is connected with a list of mass movements. First you have to go to the supermarket and choose the biggest and fattest banana, and then grate it on grater, then get a coconut and turn it down (because the hammer in the house for some reason is missing and that’s why you are using a screwdriver instead of that) and finally buying a Dominican rum (We will get there soon), which will not be of that good of a quality?

Well, the best way to avoid everything is to buy tickets to sit on the plane and with a transfer travel somewhere to Europe in reach of the blessed island.

In the Dominican Republic the weather is warm even in January, the smell of exotic plants and the sea. And that’s the main reason that when you come out of the conditioned plane into the warm night you get amazed. I want it a bite – this is dense and delicious. In this country, which is smells so pleasant, and food should be tasty, we decided and let’s say that we were not mistaken.


The first step here is to try, of course, the local fruits. A papaya, as in the Dominican Republic, I have never eaten anywhere else. Bananas here are being sold just like in a jungle- the sellers are standing next the branch of bananas, the ones that look a lot like palm trees and due to your personal request they are cutting out a group of bananas. If you go to a public beach, the fruit is almost everywhere and you can safely by a group of them. No, you do not pursue terrible pineapple-assassin, but seek for the local fruit sellers with huge baskets on their heads. If a local Dominican wants to sell something it is difficult to escape from him/her. You are – foreigner, you’re a tourist and thus the tourist should be served in full. Having escaped from a benefactor, you are placed directly into the hands of the next, as if you do face brick.

Generally, the Dominican cuisine is an odd mixture of African, Spanish, European, American and local ancient traditions. Porridge is simply terrible, but everyone can find a dish to their own taste. Especially happy we be the Americans who travel to the Dominican Republic often: in any restaurant they serve the loved burgers and potato-chips. With ketchup, as children are accustomed States. So if you’re a fan of fast food, McDonald’s look is not necessary. And those who are not among the fast food lovers and are accustomed to home-fed, can choose other dishes.

Dominican Republic has grown rice and beans – they are the basis of the diet of local and non-native, too if you want to give it a try. The most popular dish – chicken, grilled or pan or cooked in a thick soup – asopao. Since around are the ocean and Caribbean Sea, and in the ocean there are usually many edible animals, thus the Dominicans are catching those creatures and serving them. Here I will recommend you trying all kinds of seafood, including lobster – when another chance falls to taste them for ridiculous money. Food in Dominican Republic is much cheaper than in many European countries, not to mention the capitals of the European countries.


Seafood is served not only in restaurants, but also directly on the public beach. When you see the oversized uncle with a basket full of boxes with cooked prawns, do not hurry to flee away. Shrimp and fresh morning swim will give you a boast for the rest of the day. So throw yourself at his mercy which is much easier than explaining him why “no”. After receiving the money, guy – will not leave you a box of prawns and leave – but instead he will sit down next to muzzle its working shrimp cut in half lime (I’m not lying!), Purge the shrimp, pour lime juice and practically invest it into your mouth. And so are surrendered with the whole box service guys!

Meat is also good, especially beef: almost everywhere you will find serving steaks cooked to desired degree. For lovers of exotics- you might come across the tasty dried goat meat. I highly recommend “sankocho” – a famous local stew of vegetables and five kinds of meat, it is prepared in different places in different ways. But most Dominicans love chicken. After all the local Indians- Tainos had several recipes, including, crisp cakes, Baked from yucca roots. Spices are used in large quantities, but the dishes are not sharp, but very fragrant.

Bananas are ubiquitous: are made with pasta, mixed with garlic and pork cracklings, and only in desserts is where the bananas can be overeaten. It is not always familiar to us to get the yellow bananas, which can be torn off the branches and eaten, for cooking in most cases; there is a special sort – “Platano”, simply because you cannot eat those bananas rough.

Desserts are mostly sweet, especially good is the lovely local cream based on maize, known as “flan de maize”. Popular cakes, liquid custard and flan with fruit filling are also included in the list.


And when it comes to how it all will be washed down into the stomach…

First, in the Dominican Republic produce rum. If you like the drink itself, you will not be disappointed, if in the cocktails … well you will also not be disappointed. In the “Pina Colada” here they usually pour a generous hand, about the “Cuba Libre” I will not say so. Moreover, the local rum (Brugal, Barceló, Bermúdez) is inexpensive.

Beer lovers will enjoy what is sold under the brand Presidente. But for the full penetration in Caribbean flavor, try “Mama Juana” – a drink of local wine, honey, rum, bark and leaves. By themselves, the Dominican wines are not too good and thus I would not offer you to try them out roughly.

If you stick to alcohol free policy, here your friends will be forever fresh juices (especially orange, it is generally timeless hit of all the seasons), coconut milk (sold in the streets), and smoothies. And, of course the lovely coffee. Dominican coffee is wonderful and it’s even considered to be one of the best in the world.

Sea, sun, palm trees. Shrimps, bananas, juice, coffee, rum… What else is needed for the total happiness? Only a sunscreen cream so that you will not get sunburn. But anyways be careful while on the sun. And keep in mind that drinking too much is not worth it.

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