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The Longest Roller Coasters in the World

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Where are the most dizzying roller coasters, where you can completely dissolve in speed, adrenaline and delight ? German electronic journal tests such attractions. At this time they decided to find out which of them are the longest.

1. Steel Dragon2000, Japan
Length 2,479m
The longest one appeared to be the “Steel Dragon” on the Nagasima resort in the country of rising sun, which was build for the celebration of the Dragon year. As the park is placed in the seismic zone, a lot of metal was required for this enormous construction and its price came up to 50 million dollars. This is the biggest side-show: the bravest ones climbing to almost 100m height glide down with a 149kl/h speed, and before the end of the trip they suddenly appear in a sweepingly going down tunnel.

Steel Dragon2000

2. Daidarasaurus, Japan
Length 2,340m
Not everybody will agree that the Daidarasaurus roller coaster truly takes the second place.
You can judge on your own: first in 1970 there were two side-shows, which, later on, were reconstructed into one. However, the ride on the roller coaster, situated in Osaka, will endow you with unforgettable impression. By the way, pay attention that the two first places of the rating are taken by Japanese. It is not surprising, as they can work a lot and very hard and they have to take a rest with the same efforts.


3. Ultimate, Great Britan
Length 2,286m
The longest roller coaster in Europe is situated in North Yorkshire in the Lightwater Valley Park. It is interesting that during its constructing period from 1999 to 2001it was the longest in the world. Now one can enjoy the drive by steep descents for rather long – 5 minutes and 50 seconds.


4. Fujiyama, Japan
Length 2,034m
Japan is leading again. The roller coaster opened in Yamanashi terrain, in 1996, was the highest at that time: 79 meters up and with maximum decent of 71, 5 meters. The record was broken since then but this side-show is still among the best. A great number of inclines, hills and precipices, it is scary even to stand near this enormous construction.


5. Millennium Force, USA
Length 2,010m
Though it is a custom to call the roller coasters American, the side-show from the Ohio state in USA is only on the fifth place. There are 14 roller coasters in the Cedar Point Luna Park, and all of them, certainly, are worth riding. The longest roller coasters of the USA are 95 meters height and this is the first side-show of this kind, in which the lifting system works with a cable. The ride lasts for 2 minutes and 45 seconds.

Millennium Force

6. California Screamin, USA
Length 1,851m
This roller coaster is situated in the Disney Californian Park. The customers overpass all the stratagem of the terrific ups and downs in 2 minutes and 36 seconds, and the maximum speed reaches almost 90km/h.This is the longest roller coaster with an overturn – a part of the trace passes head over heels.

California Screamin

7. Desperado, USA
Length 1781m
Though this giant is on the third place even among its’ American colleagues, after riding it one can feel as a pursuit pilot: there are some moments when the speed of the ride reaches 130km/h.This wonder is in Las Vegas, moreover a part of the way is built through a casino. The whole ride will last 2 minutes and 43 seconds.


8. Gao, Japan
Length 1,734m
The roller coaster situated in Mitsui is rather long but very boring. Perhaps, only the retirees or the people who never dared to take a chance on this kind on side-show will like it. The ride lasts 3 minutes and 56 seconds, and reaches an average speed 26,45 km/h. One can take a ride on a bus equally well.


9-10. Steel Force, USA
Length 1,680m
The people who are brave enough to take a ride on the roller coaster in Dorney Park, Pennsylvania will be in prospect to experience a lot: Already on the first 62 metered descent the speed reaches 120 km/h, besides the common hills and turns, there are two 35-metered tunnels. This is the longest roller coaster on the Eastern shore of the USA.

Steel Force

9-10. Mamba, USA
Length 1.680m
The side-show was opened in 1998 in the Worlds of Fun Park in Kansas State and is, inevitably, compared with the Pennsylvanian one. The maximum speed, with which the cubicles sweep over the earth, reaches 120km/h too, and the height of the first descent is similar to the Steel Force.


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  1. You neglected the world’s greatest coaster — THE BEAST, at King’s Island.

  2. @Leonard

    YES! Very, very much so, yes.

  3. I love roller coasters. I live near Magic Mountain in California. They have some of the best Coasters in one place. I go there about once a month with my season pass. Yes I am lucky.

  4. Who cares what coasters are the longest. Highest…yes. Fastest…yes. It’s like saying a certain war was the loudest. Sure, it’s measurable, but who cares.

  5. i love roller coasters espesially making out with my boyfriend

  6. @Leonard: While I share your sentiments about that being an awesome coaster, it doesn’t belong on this list. Yes it is the longest WOODEN coaster, but these steel coasters are all longer.

  7. Ooo!!! The Millenium Force is my favorite!!! Cedar Point is by far the best amusement park I’ve been to (and I’ve been to many)!!! Whoo Hoo for the Rollercoster capital of the world!!!

  8. Looking at those pictures of those rollercoaster’s reminds me why I will never go on another one, too much for my body and mind to cope with!

  9. these pictures are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ive never been on one but id love to……………….. wow….!!!!!!!!

  10. amazing! unfortunately in my area there is no any rollercoaster

  11. Coolness…to bad I’ve only ridden like…2 of those coasters
    Millennium Force however doesn’t use a cable pull…it actually uses a magnet
    which kinda wigged me out…but was totally friggen awesome

  12. @seismic Mike

    Actually The Beast is 7,359 feet long (2,243 m), so it should come up as #4 on the countdown. I freaking love King’s Island

  13. What about the Superman at six flags??? It was horrifying, also!!

  14. Actually the Mamba (last one on the list) is NOT in Kansas. The city may be called Kansas City, but the coaster is most definitely in Missouri. I drive by it almost every day.

  15. the ultimute at light water valley is amazing


  17. Leave it to an idiot,to rate the Worlds rollercoasters lol.