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Shopping in Milan and Rome

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A trip to Italy, without  any doubt is capable of causing an unprecedented barrage of the most vivid emotions. Sharing them with your loved ones and friends can be done showing your attention with the help of various sorts of souvenirs and gifts.

To name a single souvenir of Italy, which will be a reflection of the incredibly interesting and impressive history and culture of the country is impossible. Each of the extraordinary Italian cities has its own specific “business card”. Therefore, to assemble a gift basket of the overall Italy, it is worth visiting at least some of its major cities.

Shopping in Milan

Amazing Milan hits its guests not only with perfect works of art, florid history, a special grace, economic significance and inimitable customs of the locals. Its difference from any other Italian city is considered to be a complete mismatch of the typical traditions of the world order of the country.

Here  the streets are not in habitual calm and quiet typical for the major historical centers , instead you can witness continued revitalization and more than enthusiastic mood. Huge queues of tourists lining up here not in front of museums and galleries, but luxury in their scope and variety of shopping centers.

The whole world does not know as many talented writers, artists and musicians from Italy, as popular and  legendary brands of clothing. It is the creation center for famous fashion designers and thus have become something like a magnet, attracting a huge number of tourists who decide to devote part of their holiday shopping-tour in Milan.

Shopping in Milan – a real journey into the world of a wide variety of shops, salons, boutiques, shopping malls and small shops decorating beautiful Italian city. Exciting, bringing great pleasure and at the same time having some kind of therapeutic effect, it recognizes the primacy of a factor of rapid and large-scale development of the city.Its economy is built literally on shopping.

In Milan  outlets are focused, designed to meet a wide range of customer needs, including the most luxurious and most extravagant. Everything from the incredible variety of useful and pleasant things, simple souvenirs, clothes and shoes with very decent quality, ending with the famous furniture designers. For the last item at the beginning of April there is a special exhibition arranged in Milan.

The whole city is conventionally divided into zones that are most appropriate for a particular type of shopping. In addition a hundred kilometers from Milan stretches Serravalle Designer Outlet, which sells products from previous collections of most designers. Discounts are valid year round. The most expensive is the area to commit all sorts of acquisitions is the famous quadrilateral. The four points of the  the street are  Via Montenapoleone, Via Sant’Andrea, Via Monzani and Via Della Spiga.

The mecca for  all  the shoppers in Milan unanimously is recognized to be the  five-kilometer avenue in Buenos Aires (Corso Buenos Aires). Here, each arriver to the city expects an endless “wall” of windows and bright signs. Decision to look into the seemingly small shop outside becomes a pass in the wonderful world of things, price discounts and great mood, which is ideal for already extraordinary vacation in this glorious Italian city.

Shopping in Rome

The legendary Italian city of Rome is famous not only with fascinating history and rich cultural heritage. The huge flow of tourists every season rushes to Rome to experience the joy and satisfaction from participating in the Roman shopping. And shopping in Rome is truly global. This is explained primarily by the presence in an incredible variety of shopping centers, boutiques, souvenir shops, markets and department stores.

Such a wide variety of shops does not only provide local residents and visitors with all necessary goods and services but also provides them with an incredibly high quality.Often it is a curious combination of quality, variety and prices in Rome manifested more clearly than the combination of similar indicators in Milan and Florence.

In Rome you can buy just about anything. And it can be done with a variety of needs and very different level of wealth. The cost of the quality of goods sold does not affect, as it equally well in any of the stores or boutiques. The price difference explains only affiliation one way or another things, details or interior accessories to the collector’s series of any fashion designer or a designer. Naturally, the name-brand stuff will cost a lot more expensive, because, in addition to their practical functions, they serve as an indispensable attribute of luxury, wealth and prestige.

Shopping in Rome includes visits to the most elegant boutiques and shopping malls. All of them are concentrated mainly in the heart of the city – on the streets of Vittorio Veneto, Via del Corso, Via Condotti and the narrow streets near the Plaza de España. Central shopping street of the Rome, unanimously recognized as Via del Corso. Located in this boutique are creations of  La-Perla, Salvatore Ferragamo, Gucci, Cartier, which are of incredibly high quality and original items can be purchased at fairly reasonable prices.Extremely exclusive things from the leading fashion designers in Italy is easy to find in the boutiques near the Piazza di Spagna, in the streets of Sistina, Gregoriana, Borgognona, Frattina, Via Condotti.

More moderate prices prevail in the legendary department store La Rinascente, brought together under its vaults with the biggest point of the implementation of superior cosmetics, clothes and shoes. The famous Roman “crush”, is considered the largest in Europe, and happens every Sunday near the port Porteze. Shopping in Rome is not complete without shopping in the famous shopping malls of the city, Cinecitta and Due Centro Commerciale, built in 1988.

For true fans of shopping in Rome in 2003, was specially built second in Italy Outlet Designer McArthurGlen in Castel Romano. At area exceeding 200,000 square meters, there are multiple combined stores, representing buyers a wide range of products at incredibly low prices.Desire to save money can be fully realized in the shops in the station Termini, as well as commodity markets Mercato delle Puici.

Shopping in Rome gives the sea of pleasure from buying a truly high-quality products for every taste and wallet!

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