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Palais Garnier: House of Singing Paris

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Paris… What an incredible heritage you have with numerous museums and galleries presenting different exhibitions and featuring most valuable masterpieces. Today we are visiting Palais Garnier, a world-class venue in Paris due to which we’ll explore the opera life of the singing city.

Palais Garnier is situated at the northern end of the Avenue de l’Opera in the IX arrondissement of Paris. When the designer was building this miracle his goal was to shock and impress not only his patron Napoleon III and the elite of Paris but also ordinary Parisian people who could feel the power of France through this gigantic building with its spectacular and extravagant facade. And he did that. 🙂

Paris Opera is an architectural treasure for the entire humanity because this cultural venue has an essential role in the art life. The building is designed by Charles Garnier. The majestic facade makes it even more beautiful. The Italian auditorium with a ceiling painted by Marc Chagall makes people enjoy every detail and explore the alluring architectural solutions.

A big chandelier embellished with thousands of lights decorates the huge hall promising shining performances and breathtaking emotions. The building, which has been renovated for many times since 1881, is an ideal example of the 19th century architecture with its metallic structure. The foyers of the Opera House were designed not just to be foyers. With various mosaics, mirrors and sculptures they were a perfect place for a rest during the intervals of the performances.

Until the opening of the popular Bastille Opera House, the Palais Garnier used to house only ballet. Afterward, it became an original academy for music, dance and opera.

The visitors will also enjoy the small gallery in the Opera House, which usually arranges different exhibitions.

Sooner or later great ideas always turn into reality. Such was the case with this opera house, which will hardly ever fail to attract people with its glamor appearance and architectural details. If you want your child to get the whole idea the word “culture” carries take him to Palais Garnier, House of Singing Paris.

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