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One Night in Paris

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Don’t talk to me of love. Let’s talk of Paris.

The little bit of Paris in our view.

There’s that crack across the ceiling

And the hotel walls are peeling

And I’m in Paris with you.

Oh Paris… the City of Lights, Passion and Romance! Blessed with magnificent medieval cathedrals, world-class museums and art galleries that will take your breath away, fantastic shopping and dining venues as well as extreme adventures and active pursuits to capture almost everyone’s interest and lifestyle, Paris is a ‘dreamscape’ getaway and one of the most popular tourist destinations in all over the world, which never fails to entice.

Paris becomes more beautiful and glittering especially at night, when the dark comes to ‘supersede’ the daylight; and the European ‘Fashion Capital’ smiles and warmly welcomes people under hundreds of thousands of stars. Seems like all the magic and fantasy has been assembled in one place. Simply come out into the night streets and you will adore the green fervid million lights of Paris. If it’s your first (hope not the last :)) visit to Paris, and you have only one night ahead, it’s an absolute ‘must’ to make it the most enchanting and memorable. Hurry up to enjoy spectacularly romantic Paris and create your fairytale in the city of countless miracles!

There are so many things to do in Paris that you’ll simply be amazed by the variety. While looking for a true “French” experience and discovering magnificent nighty city, the first thing you should do is to rent a car like 2CV and just take a sit; the benign driver already knows where to take you. Just look out from the open roof to feel the aroma of the alleys. You’ll pass through the illuminated street of Champs-Elysees embellished with thousands of decorations, you’ll admire the stunning Arc de Triumph, taking dazzling photos as a reminder of your one night in Paris and this is just the beginning. While the driver (who is master of anecdotes) will take you to see the wondrous Eiffel Tower face-to-face, make sure to ask questions about the history and sights of Paris; they will surely satisfy your interests.

Over 336 artificial lights projectors enlighten the “Iron lady” of Paris and standing at the very top you feel the heavenly city just under your feet. Do not miss out to take a sit near the window in the tower’s tiny, yet elegantly decorated restaurant, offering incredible views of the entire city, plus a fine dining experience with a dainty wine and cheese. From the shade window the unique and glaring scene of Seine River opens right in front of your eyes; it’s more than stunning at night.

The River Seine, shinning brightly and covered by 37 wonderful bridges, is an ideal place to admire the astonishing view of Paris. You can be part of tours organized on Seine and enjoy your ‘French’ night. Luxurious rooms of the boats will take you to another world and one glass of French champagne with delicious chocolate will make your one night in Paris sensational. You will also have a chance to admire marvelous landscape best seen especially from the Seine River and this short cruise in alluring place of the mother-earth will make you smile every time you remember it.

Afterwards, you can go to a very luxury hotel and sleep with great memories. The morning will be completely different and you will wish to spend another gorgeous night in Paris. Meanwhile, Paris will still be there gladly and silently waiting for your return.

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