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Monet’s Gardens: Small Heaven of Earth

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Blessed with mild and temperate climate, historical charm, fascinating old quarters, energetic nightlife scenes, beautiful churches, gorgeous beaches, stunning resorts featuring modern facilities, charming inns and taverns and wealth of restaurants ready to satisfy your palate with excellent dining options, Paris is a unique place to spend an unforgettable holiday. This cosmopolitan city offers something for everyone. There is a green and majestic piece of Earth near Paris, which will make you feel like in heaven — Monet’s Gardens.

Claude Monet’s gardens at Giverny are like small pieces of his paintings that have become alive in the Nature. This small masterpiece is located about fifty miles west of Paris in the Eure Department in Normandy. There is no train service going directly to Giverny village. You can find a train service from Gare St. Lazare in Paris to Vernon. It will take only 45 minutes to get to Vernon by train. Afterwards, either take a local bus or rent a bicycle, or even walk. Do you wonder why the garden is located exactly in Giverny? Simply because the world-known French impressionist lived in this village in the last 40 years of his life.

Gardeners admire the earth-moving landscaping and layout, botanists find interesting new plants, and art lovers admire the beautiful paintings. Fans enjoy wandering around the house where Monet spent half of his life. There you will also find the boat he puttered around in as well as the hen house where his family got the eggs for their morning omelets. It’s a busy place, so do your best to visit early or late.

This colorful area is so alive that it seems Monet is there, sitting with his wife and eight children having tea. The wooden bridge adds to this overall scenery. It’s full of flowers you will hardly see in a place other than Monet’s home — blessed with amazing trees it’s like a fairytale you don’t want to be finished. There is also an incredible museum named Museum of the Impressionists where Impressionist art dominates. Everything here is extraordinarily beautiful and unusual.

Monet’s Gardens is a place you should not miss out during your visit to France. So if you are in search of tranquility and peace and want to admire the marvelous scenery of the Nature, or just show your kids or other family members a real piece of art, visit this heaven. Don’t forget about the camera!

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