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Enchanting Beauty of Luxembourg Gardens

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Bonjour Paris, the glamorous capital of France blessed with luminous scenes, breathtaking museums and art galleries, historical landmarks and magnificent churches, lovely rivers and lakes, legendary cabarets and colorful boulevards. Whether you are on a short break to Paris or taking your time to enjoy this spectacularly beautiful cultural hotspot, Paris will always dazzle and entice you. There is so much ‘to see’ and ‘to do’ that you’ll simply be amazed in the variety: Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame de Paris, the River Seine, Disneyland Paris, Moulin Rough Paris, Louvre Museum and much more… A world of travel experiences awaits…

Gardens, parks and squares in Paris cover over 30 percent of the city, making it one of the ‘greenest’ cities in Western Europe. Boasting the widest imaginable variety of plants, trees and flowering shrubs, beautiful surroundings, enticing statues and beautiful fountains, Paris gardens and parks are an ideal ‘hideaway’ for romantics and nature lovers, couples and families with kids alike!

Luxembourg Garden (Jardin du Luxembourg)

Located on the fashionable Left Bank in the heart of the Latin Quarter, in both the 5th and the 6th arrondissements, near the Sorbonne University and stretching over 22 hectares, the fascinating Luxembourg Garden is one of the most popular parks in Paris that sits before the Luxembourg Palace, where the French Senate meets. The largest public park in the city; it attracts travelers year-round who come to enjoy the unique and relaxing Parisian atmosphere.

The history of Luxembourg Gardens dates back to the 17th century. The original inspiration for the gardens came from Marie de Medici that now is commemorated by the Fontaine de Medicis. In the 19th century the private park opened to the public, it was redesigned in a more French style, yet keeping its original layout.

The Luxembourg Garden offers its visitors many activities to enjoy and experience, from strolling in the southern end of the park along the long alleyways, to sitting in the grass and reading, to sitting down to a game of chess with an old master.s Some of the garden’s sweet attractions include: the Théȃtre des Marionnettes where you can watch a classic guignols (marionette shows) on weekends, a merry-go-round, swings and pony rides, add to this gravel pathways and lawns, impressive collection of statues representing former French Queens, and beautiful lakes for model boat sailing. On summer afternoons the bandstand hosts free concerts.

The Luxembourg Garden is a majestic sight for any passer-by during all seasons that will take your breath away. And once you are there, you’ll desire to return again and again! Opening hours in the Luxembourg Garden vary depending on which month you are visiting the park. The garden opens at 8.00am and closes sometime between 5.00 and 10.00pm.

The Luxembourg Garden is also very close to several hotels that are really worth a stay, including Hotel Luxembourg Parc; Le Senat Hotel; Hotel Fontaines du Luxembourg; Exclusive Hotel Elysa Luxembourg; Grand Hotel Saint Michel; Hotel de Clos Medicis; Exclusive Dacia Luxembourg and other, offering luxurious accommodations with contemporary design, and all amenities and facilities to make your stay comfortable.

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