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Crazy Horse and the Queen of Burlesque

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I definitely have a thing for cabarets. Really, whenever I think of Paris, somehow I forget about the Eiffel Tower or the brilliant artworks at the Louvre, the only thing I imagine is the French cancan and the nude girls dancing it. Not that I like watching naked girls, it’s just that I admire the edge. It’s so easy to screw up when setting up such a show. There is a very vague line between trashy and classy, and sometimes organizers scroll to the wrong direction.

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We have already talked about Moulin Rouge, the most famous Parisian cabaret. However, it has been too popularized and is not a destination for tourists. There is one more world-famous name in the cabaret business of Paris, the Crazy Horse. I’m sure you have heard this name at least once in your life, but you might not have heard the details. The time has come to dig into this atmosphere of femininity.

The Cabaret

Crazy Horse was opened in 1951, more than 70 years after the opening of Moulin Rouge. The creator was Alain Bernardin, a man who really loved women. Crazy Horse started as a wine cellar and grew into a modern theater of women. It has been renovated once again recently. The dominating color of the interior is, have a guess,  . . .  of course, red. The tables are small encouraging the intimacy of the viewers. You can easily exchange a word or two with the person at the neighboring table.

There are a lot wooden items and mirrors, in a word, a real atmosphere of a cabaret. The designers of the interior are Ugo Truscelli and Anne Derasse. Due to these two, Crazy Horse is one of the most popular destinations for feminine-lovers. It’s also a nice attraction for tourists, although don’t plan this as one of your primary attractions.

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There are a lot of world-famous names throughout the pages of its history. For example, Charles Aznavour himself has performed here. Moreover, some of the shoes for the performances are designed by Christian Louboutin. I’m sure you have definitely heard of him no matter you’re a woman or a man.

The shows usually don’t last more than two hours, but they are full of different costumes, colors and lights. Some of the most famous burlesque dances are included in the shows.

The staff is very friendly, you don’t have to speak fluent French (it would be nice though) to receive a smile and good service. Prepare your wallet, as it’ll be on a strict diet that day, the poor thing will go thinner and thinner and thinner . . . yes, it’s not cheap at all.

Dita Von Teese

It would take more than a post to talk about all Crazy Horse dancers. Each one of them has a whole story worth attention. But it would be wise to focus on only one Crazy Horse star for now, Dita von Teese, Armenian-American burlesque dancer.

If you think you have never seen or heard of her, then you’re most probably very wrong. She’s everywhere, her face can be seen in most of the magazines, fashion websites and so on.

Although Teese is only a guest star here, her name has added some weight to the cabaret, making it even more modern and popular. She’s definitely not young in the industry, but somehow Teese manages to keep the attention and the fans.

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She’s often recognized as the Queen of Burlesque (a very proud title, if you ask me). Besides dancing and teasing the audience, she’s also a model, an actress, and a costume designer. She has also been the stage star of Eurovision 2009 during the German entry.

If you have some time and are interested in the topic, watch the Martini number, where she literally takes a bath in a huge Martini glass.

Now, it would be quite impressive to know that a gentle creature like Teese was once married to Marilyn Manson. Not that I don’t like him, it’s just the couple turns out to be very strange.

If you really want to visit this cabaret, make reservations beforehand. Also, check out for the show, it changes every season, although I would definitely not bother myself doing a research about the show beforehand. Just make sure Teese is in the show, and they’ll do the rest for you.

The Audience

Don’t think that the audience is comprised of only men, who want to see boobs. Oh, you will be surprised to find out some names. Famous people, businessmen and, here it comes, women.

Interestingly, women also like to watch the Crazy shows, and they don’t even feel bad by the looks of men sitting next to them.

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If you want to see naked girls, you should probably choose another place. It will be cheaper and more convenient. Crazy Horse is about art, about the feminine beauty and the creative ways of displaying it.

In fact, there are night clubs around the world that have the name Crazy Horse. While they also might be very interesting to visit, remember that the original is in Paris. It’s definitely worth visiting, a place where you won’t be able to control your emotions and impressions, a real feminine heaven.

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