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Best Parisian Cafes

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A typical Parisian cafe is where you will feel the soul of Paris. Luxurious Parisian cafes and restaurants have a worldwide reputation due to their world-class fashion and high service. Note that it won’t be easy to choose which cafe to visit and which not; one thing you will wish is to appear in all those cafes all at once. So let’s start exploring the extraordinary Parisian cafes.

Cafe de Flore

With spring the city of lights becomes more and more attractive like a charming and elegant lady. People prefer to spend their time in open-air cafes and admire the alluring beauty of Paris. Cafe de Flore is where you can relax and enjoy the good location of this place trying delicious croissant on a shadow piece of the old and cultural atmosphere. Of course,the costs of this ideal Parisian experience are totally over the top but it’s worth visiting it at least once in your life. You don’t appear in Paris every day, so don’t miss your chance!

Take a sit at the empty sidewalk table and a polite waiter will give you the menu of drinks. Five minutes later you can enjoy subtle and unique flavored alcohol with French cigar, which is quite popular with the lovers of this cafe. The meals served in this cafe resemble masterpieces. Seems like the cook works with only one goal to satisfy every visitor and make his hours spent there really enjoyable. So if you happen to visit Paris, don’t forget about this cafe and fill your moments with great memories.

A cup of coffee in La Caféothèque

La Cafeotheque doesn’t look like a French cafe. It’s a typical coffee shop where you can find different sorts of coffee, such as exotic Espresso drinks made with direct-trade beans roasted in-house. There is a coffee bar where you can sit and enjoy soft music. La Cafeotheque is a store-cafe started in 2005 by Gloria Montenegro de Chriouze, former Guatemalan ambassador of France.

Relax in a comfortable leather sofa and have a look at the amazing Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral. You will never be disappointed because the cultural ambiance and originality of this cafe are so attractive and warm that you will hardly regret visiting it.

Le Petit Château d’Eau

This cafe bar is especially crowded during late night when people just wish to feel relieved after a long and hard work day. Around the entrance a long line is formed, so do your best to visit the cafe as early as possible. There is a single menu posted outside in the window and this menu differs with every other day, so everyone gets the same food, no choices!

Your evening will be completely different in this cafe-bar, because even the surroundings are extremely unique. Though it’s very crowded you will manage to feel relaxed drinking and having a warm conversation with friends.

Go to Paris, enjoy your stay and make it spectacular!

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