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Best Clubs in Paris

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Paris never sleeps. You can never find this city in tranquility because it’s in hustle and bustle all day long — every minute is full of sounds, noise and fun. Paris nightlife is truly very hot. So if your one and only goal of visiting Paris is not just to see fascinating Louvre and Champs-Elysee, then you will definitely love diving in the city’s rocking nightlife. We suggest you the best clubs in this romantic city of nights and lights where you can relax having fun, go crazy and simply do whatever you want.

Chez Rasputin

Located on the most famous street of Paris Champs-Elysee, Chez Rasputin is a fabulous club where people relax and have fun. Don’t expect a huge dance floor or great music, but be sure you will enjoy being in this club filled with the majestic red color, which creates endless feelings of lust and passion.

You can taste different snacks, admire burlesque shows and dances and explore the mysterious atmosphere of this club where even matrioshka dolls can sometimes seem frightening. Blessed are especially those guys who visit this club at weekends, because then the club is full of most beautiful and glamorous European models.

Cirque du Bonheur

Circus of happiness is what you will surely enjoy. The youth of Paris is always here; that’s why the atmosphere is so crazy and rocking. Every simple thing you will see here goes beyond imagination, at least those are things you will never expect to witness in a club. Everything from fire-breathers to acrobats is sure to create breathtaking emotions. Usually talented and popular DJs from all over the world are invited, this is an additional way of attracting people. Are you sure this is a club? I think it’s far more than that!


One of the well-known nightlife places of Paris is L’Arc situated in Arc de Triomphe. This club is a spectacular place with great music and a lovely outdoor garden, which warmly welcomes visitors especially at summertime.

The club has a very long bar offering most subtle and original flavored beverages from all over the world. On the top floor, there is a restaurant, which is so carefully furnished that no person will remain discontented. Lovers of exotic and fashion styles will like it most. Interestingly, at first people gather here in small groups, while some time later the group becomes so large that they opt for a club to dance all night long.

If you really want to feel something different and new, don’t hesitate and visit these clubs, where unimaginable adventures are waiting for you. Paris promises to make your night unforgettable and super, isn’t it what you want?

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