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Africa Safari Tour Rules

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If you want to relax, but the usual Turkey and Egypt seem to be a little boring, European resorts are too mawkish and calm for you, while for Mexico and Brazil the climate is too humid, you can consider the variant of travelling to Africa. The continent has every chance to be your real and exciting discovery. Actively developing tourism, many African countries have opened previously closed to the public lands, and now included in numerous trips to Africa.

Africa is rich not only with its magnificent nature, but also ancient history and culture. The true cradle of civilization, Africa is fraught with many mysteries and secrets. And tours to Africa will give you the opportunity if not to solve all its mysteries, at least to touch them and feel all of the true meaning of the word “ancient. “.

This ancient continent will not only greet you warmly, but also give a unique opportunity to enjoy its tropical greenery and the heat of desert sands, to feel both the serenity of wildlife and its power. An ideal opportunity to penetrate all this, perhaps, could be a safari. To go on safari in Africa istherefore, a unique opportunity to see wild animals – lions, elephants, crocodiles, rhinos, zebras – in their natural habitat, to become a real guest of this pristine, untouched by man-barbarian nature.

Resting in Africa

Rest in Africa – is that you and your companions will remember for a lifetime. Endless expanses of the continent, desert, savanna, waves of the Indian Ocean, exotic nature, waterfalls, mountains, jungle, variety of ethnic culture of this amazing hot continent – all this will bring a lot of impressions, will be remembered forever. This you will not see in any other part of the world! Africa – the continent of contrasts.

Having been once on a safari in Africa, you will want to feel this drive, the adrenaline, enjoy these unforgettable experiences more than once. It is noteworthy that in the local language Swahili word “safari” means journey or travel. Nowadays, a safari in Africa – this is an exciting adventure that is associated with active movement on the ground, observing the lives of wild animals in their natural habitat. But has not yet exhausted and a traditional, old kind of a safari in Africa with the hunting of wild animals for a fee.

Rest in Africa cannot be compared, perhaps, to any other travel. Uncharted trails, wilderness, the ability to combine completely different types of recreation, to see herds of antelope, to be photographed with a crocodile is not in the city zoo, and wild lonah savanna, sandy beaches of Zanzibar. Tours to Africa are relatively inexpensive, the level of tourism service allows you to easily get to your destination.

As for now it’s the best time to get through the list of required rules that everyone must follow when going to safari tour.

1. Stay close to the highways in the parks and reserves.

During the safari insist that your driver does not pull over paved roads and trails located in national parks and nature reserves. Riding on the road can harm small animals hidden in the grass, denature the natural drainage system and cause extensive damage to forest habitat and forest floor. And besides that you need to take care of your health too, as you can harm the animal and they might harm you back.

2. Minimize causing any worry to the animals

Many wild animals are unnecessarily worried and anxious when they are surrounded by too many vehicles or when vehicles are approaching too close. Cheetahs are particularly vulnerable to the presence of machines that can disturb the process of hunting in the daytime. Try to limit the number of vehicles around an animal up to five and keep at a distance of at least 20 meters. And if the animal is hunted, it is still on. Observe the maximum silence, looking at the animals, and ask your driver to switch off the engine every time you stop.

3. Observe the speed limit.

In most parks, there are speed limits to 40 km / h, and the animals always have the right of way in front of the machine. Slow the motion when you see wandering animals passing by groups and be prepared to wait until they all pass in front of your car and only after continue your safari tour.

4. Never feed animals.

Feeding wild animals can disrupt their natural feeding regime and lead to an unnatural dependence on men. Animals that are eaten with the hands, can lose their fear and become aggressive toward humans. Although it is the animals are always blamed for any incidents that may occur as a result and not the tourists who were the one to blame.

5.Take all of your trash with you.

Garbage can be very dangerous for wild animals. Keep all trash in your vehicle and dispose of it properly, as soon as you leave the park. Be extremely careful with cigarettes and matches, and always take away cigarettes. Forest fires are a quite serious problem for Africa especially if talking of the Southern Africa.

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