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A Lively Day in Asterix Parc

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Brightly shining Paris is always happy to greet people and make their time unforgettable. The city of love is affluent with amazing attractions and alluring theaters, deluxe restaurants blessed with delicious food and luxurious hotels decorated with classic and modern styles that always pleasantly surprise people. Paris is a green city where you will find a lot of laughing parks and family-friendly gardens. Here you can spend the whole day enjoying your week-end with kids or friends organizing a good picnic together. Paris parks have their own and unique features; many of them are just for picnics, some for different activities such as playing volleyball or football, and others for families with kids. Thus, if you happen to visit Paris with kids, don’t miss the chance to visit one of the most popular parks near the alluring capital of France called “Parc Asterix.”

Things to do in Asterix Parc

Asterix Parc is situated 35 kilometers away from Paris. It’s especially well-known among children who love the famous French cartoon “Asterix and Obelix.” The big village of Gaulish people is waiting for its visitors of different ages. Both adults and children will surely appreciate this great and joyful experience and have a real fun. Fantastic attractions will fill your day with happiness and different extreme rides will give you breathtaking emotions.

Unfortunately the park doesn’t work from November to the 1st of March.It’s open just from March to October and the working days are from Monday to Sunday from 10am to 6pm. The entrance for less than three years old children is free, children from three to eleven years-old have to pay 23 Euros, and the full price is 31 Euros per person.

When you enter the park you subconsciously appear centuries back, because the surroundings are decorated so attentively and carefully as not to miss any detail making it not only ancient, but also funny and attractive full of different colored decorations. There are numerous rides for children and one of the popular ones is La Grande Splatch affluent with aquatic effects and various amazing fountains, which make the atmosphere lively and crazy. You will also enjoy countless rocking shows such as the dolphins dancing and sea lion show.

Happili for many parents, there is no fast food here. The staff of the park is very attentive to the healthy food consuming issue, so the only food you can taste there is the traditional French food useful both for adults and kids.

This park differs offers special “consulting help.” Let’s take for example the ride process — before trying any ride, the specialists will explain to you what kind of ride you are going to try, where you should take a seat and how you should behave not to be afraid and just enjoy the adventurous minutes of the amazing time.

If you are interested in shopping or dining at a good restaurant, consider Asterix Parc’s offers which range from best entertaining rides to shopping centers and restaurants. You can leave your kid with cartoon representatives for a while. Be sure they’ll have a great time there asking questions their heroes and getting long-awaited answers. The safety is guaranteed in the park.

Enjoy your day in this kind and lovely fairytale where most hilarious cartoon and movie heroes Asterix and Obelix will warmly welcome you.

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